Thank you for your support!

October 20, 2015

Dear Friends,

Until I have the opportunity to respond to each of you personally, Barb and I want to thank the many volunteers, supporters, friends and family who supported us over these past 78 days. It has been quite a ride.

To the people of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex who supported us at the polls we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To those who could not support us this time, I will redouble my efforts over these next four years in the hope that you may in the future

I have the best job in the greatest country on earth. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve as your Member of Parliament for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.

I want to commend my opponents Ken Filson, Rex Issac and Jim Johnston for seeking to serve Canada. I wish you all the best.

To my colleagues whose campaigns came up a little short last night, I want to encourage you not to take it personally. You are all grand people. We will miss you. I commend you for your service to Canada and your constituents. I wish you God-speed along whatever path life now takes you. I do hope we can stay in touch.

I especially want to thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I thank you for your support, the kindness and the confidence you showed in me. In my book, you will always be number 1. Thank you for your service. I firmly believe history will afford you the respect you deserved but never received while in office.

To Prime Minister Trudeau, I congratulate you on your victory. Be assured I will always I refer to you as Prime Minister or Mr. Trudeau. As you lead, I will pray that you be granted Godly-wisdom knowing Canada’s success as a nation has now been entrusted to you.

Finally thank you to all Canadians who participated in our democratic process. You have spoken and you’re never wrong.