75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

On June 6, 1944, some 14,000 Canadians stormed the beaches of Normandy with Allied troops to breach Nazi Germany’s “Fortress Europe.” On that day—known as D-Day—three hundred and fifty-nine (359) Canadian soldiers were killed. D-Day and the ensuing Battle of Normandy was one of ... Full Article

Justin Trudeau’s NAFTA Failure Will Cost Canadians

Here are Andrew Scheer’s comments on Justin Trudeau’s NAFTA failure. Two and half years ago, when the Prime Minister volunteered to renegotiate NAFTA, he promised Canadians he would secure a better deal. So let’s review how we got here, because the Prime Minister’s strategy was ... Full Article

Andrew Scheer’s Speech on Immigration: Unity in Diversity

Friends, what a pleasure it is to be back in Toronto and here with each of you. And it is fitting that we gather here on this particular day at the Armenian Heritage Centre. Because today is the 101st anniversary of the first Republic of Armenia and at a time when the ancient Armenian people ... Full Article

May 2019 Newsletter

U.S. lifts tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum Last week, the United States announced it will lift tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum that went into effect almost one year ago. While this announcement is good news for Canadian businesses and workers, Justin Trudeau once again signed an ... Full Article