Riding Profile

The riding of Lambton Kent Middlesex is one of the largest in Canada and covers an area of 5277 square kilometers or roughly the size of Prince Edward Island. Major municipalities include Chatham-Kent, Strathroy Caradoc, Middlesex Centre, Lambton Shores, North Middlesex, Southwest Middlesex, Lucan Biddulph, Warwick, Adelaide Metcalfe and Brooke-Alvinston. LKM has a population of 105,291 people of which there are 78,907 registered voters.

If you are unsure which riding you live in, you can go to http://www.elections.ca/scripts/vis/FindED?L=e or contact my office.

I have set up Constituency Offices in Strathroy and Wallaceburg with a courteous and professional staff. They are there to assist you in any way in your dealings with the Government of Canada programs, services and agencies. Please feel free to contact me through the offices anytime.