December 2017 Newsletter

Liberals infuriate Canadians over ISIS fighters’ re-integration

Canadians were deeply concerned this past week when the Prime Minister announced his plans to reintegrate extremists who left Canada to fight for ISIS against our allied soldiers. These people watched as they “burned people to death in a cage, sold women and girls into slavery and who pushed homosexuals off buildings just for being gay.”

The Prime Minister’s interests seem to be focused more on protecting terrorists and helping the very people our armed forces fight to ensure our country’s freedom. When asked what exactly a program of reintegration service would look like for these terrorists, the Prime Minister would not even respond.

Bottom line is these terrorists need to be in jail, not posing a threat to Canada’s security or to the security of the refugees who fled their war torn countries for Canada to escape ISIS.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau asked to resign

In a heated Question Period on Wednesday, November 29, Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer called on Bill Morneau to resign. Under investigation for breaking federal ethics lay by introducing a bill that could directly benefit his family company, the Minister continuously dodges questions about the timing of the sale of his stocks in Morneau Shepell. With serious questions going unanswered Mr. Morneau should not continue in his role.

Passport & Nexus Application Scammers
Some companies claim to offer help to Canadians who want to apply for a passport or NEXUS card. They try to sell information kits and falsely claim to be able to expedite the application process for a fee. Their websites and paperwork look like an official government of Canada agency, however they are not. Passport and NEXUS application forms are free and are available on the Passport Canada and Canadian Border Services Agency websites. No third-party person or group can expedite application processing. If you require an urgent or express pick-up service you must apply in person. For more information visit my website at

Did you know?

1- My annual Christmas Open Houses are set to take place December 18 at Amy’s Place in Strathroy and December 19 at Baldoon Golf Course in Wallaceburg

2- When travelling, make sure you always have the contact information for your insurance company, Foreign Affairs Canada as well as the contact number for the Canadian Embassy in that country as they will be needed in the event of an emergency. If you experience an emergency abroad, call Foreign Affairs collect at 1-613-996-8885 or email