November 2018 Newsletter

Remembrance Week
In the days leading up to and on November 11th, the legions and our communities come together to remember and honour our veterans and those who gave their lives in service to Canada. I encourage you to attend a remembrance service near you. On Remembrance Day, be sure to listen – bells will ring out across our country in recognition of the signing of the Armistice that signified the end of World War I. We will remember.

Legalization of Marijuana
It’s been weeks since marijuana became legal in Canada. In a rush to meet his self-imposed political deadline, Justin Trudeau has failed to adequately address the many concerns of municipalities, law enforcement, employers, scientists and doctors about cannabis legalization legislation.
The lack of public education has left many Canadians unsure of the new rules and how this will impact border crossings between Canada and the United States. While Andrew Scheer said if elected he has no plans to go back and make marijuana illegal again, he will work with the provinces, police and other experts to fix the consequences of this rushed legalization and make changes where necessary to protect Canadians.

Carbon Tax to be forced on Canadian provinces
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going to follow through with his “carbon tax” on every Canadian even though he admits that…
1) Large industrial carbon emitters are 96% exempt from paying.
2) Small and medium size businesses don’t get an exemption.
3) Lower and middle-income people are hit the hardest.
4) It will not lower global Green House Gases.
5) It will drive some businesses and jobs out of Canada.
6) He has not set new targets as it appears he is not on track to meet the Paris Accord.

For Ontario residents – a warning – there is no such thing as “revenue neutral” when the government says it will collect the carbon tax and then mail you a refund! This is a very large revenue generator for the Liberal government as it also collects GST/HST on every transaction, i.e. a tax on tax. This tax grab will go towards Trudeau’s pet projects without improving the environment.

Canadians’ personal banking information at risk
Prime Minister Trudeau is directing Statistics Canada to have banks, financial institutions and credit card companies collect private and personal information from 500,000 Canadians. This includes for example – mortgage payments, loans, transfers to businesses and families, ATM withdrawals/deposits, credit card info. Trudeau is doing this WITHOUT your consent, knowledge and permission. This is a very disturbing intrusion into your private and personal financial information by big government. This is wrong. Help us keep the pressure on the Liberal Government to stop this intrusion by writing or emailing me. I will present your correspondence to Prime Minister Trudeau. Also, please take a minute to sign the official parliamentary online petition HERE
Did you know?
– This year we celebrate 100 years since the end of World War I
– There are over 20 Remembrance Services in the riding of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex