Members of Parliament Express Concern for Loss of Canadian Freedoms

Ottawa, Ontario — Federal Canadian Parliamentarians, past and present, gathered in Ottawa today to demonstrate their concern for loss of basic freedoms in Canada, the subject of a Parliamentary Forum, “Canadian Freedoms: Growing Threats,” held yesterday on Parliament Hill. Those present included MPs David Anderson, Mark Warawa, Harold Albrecht, and Bev Shipley, along with CHP Leader Rod Taylor and former MPs Reed Elley and Stephen Woodworth.

Under some recent regulations, graduates of the Christian-based Trinity Western University are denied equal admission to the practice of law. Other rules prohibit the free exercise of conscience by doctors, compel professionals to submit to values screening, and restrict political expression on university campuses.

“It is a matter of vital concern to all Canadians that our elected representatives defend the hard-won freedoms that those who came before us bravely fought, sacrificed and died to preserve,” said a spokesperson for the gathered Parliamentarians.

These and other issues were the subject of discussion at the Parliamentary Forum Monday by a panel including Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham, Director of the Laurentian Leadership Centre, Trinity Western University; Mr. Jay Cameron, Litigation Manager, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom; and Dr. John Robson, Documentary Film-maker, Commentator, and Invited professor at the University of Ottawa.