May 2018 Newsletter

New Horizons for Seniors Program is now open

Organizations are welcome to apply for project funding that benefit vulnerable seniors, focus on the diversity of seniors, and/or use volunteerism. For more information and access to the application form, visit my website at Conservatives have always recognized the significance of seniors to Canada and as a result over the previous years, the NHSP has supported over 20,000 projects. The application period closes June 15th.

Liberals propose changes to voter identification

The Liberal government is proposing changes to voter identification that would eliminate the need for ID to vote. Voting is a right of Canadian Citizens and there are many people living in Canada who are not citizens. Canadians need to be required to identify themselves to ensure voters are legitimate.

Conservatives believe your vote matters. We will continue to pressure Prime Minister Trudeau’s decisions that undermine our democratic institutions.

Illegal border crossing continues without action from PM

Since last year’s tweet by the Prime Minister stating #welcometoCanada, over 20,000 asylum seekers have illegally crossed into Canada. It is estimated that up to 400 individuals a day will cross through unofficial entry points this summer. Under the Safe Third Country Agreement, those seeking asylum must do so in the country where they first arrived. This prohibits people who arrive in the U.S. from seeking asylum at any official port of entry in Canada. However, this does not apply when people cross at unofficial entry points in other words; most of the Canada/US border where people simply walk across.

Instead of committing to closing the loophole, the Liberals announced they would prioritize work permits for illegal border crossers over those who entered the country legally. Jumping the queue is creating increased wait times for those following proper protocol. For the first time, Canada has set up homeless shelters, tent cities and makeshift refugee camps to accommodate the high number of refugee seekers that illegally cross .

Conservatives call on the Prime Minister to take control of the situation and close the loophole!

Did you know?

• Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to replace Parliament Hill’s Centennial Flame…with an LED light
• Bill C-75 will allow people convicted of serious theft charges to get off with only a fine.
• Mother’s Day is celebrated by over 40 countries worldwide? Happy Mother’s Day!