Liberal Government tables Budget 2017 that Raises Taxes and Fails to Demonstrate Job Creation and Economic Stability for Canadians

March 22, 2017, Ottawa – Member of Parliament for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, Bev Shipley, has concerns regarding the Liberal Government’s recently tabled Federal Budget. He sees too many similarities to the current Provincial Liberal Government’s mismanagement of tax dollars under the tenure of Premier Kathleen Wynne. “We all know how devastating Kathleen Wynne’s actions have been for Ontario – Justin Trudeau’s Budget is bringing those failed Liberal plans to the next level,” says MP Shipley.

This is particularly concerning for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex whose economy centers around small business and agriculture. “Your tax dollars are being rolled out the door for initiatives that have no benefit for you or your local businesses. The Prime Minister continues to borrow money to give away to foreign countries. Money for all this spending has to come from somewhere so the result is an increase in taxes and a cutback of tax saving measures. Loans have to be repaid which means it’s you and your children footing the bill.” MP Bev Shipley believes that all Canadians should be concerned about the effect Liberal policies, such as the following, will have on their wallets and their communities at the end of the day:

• Increasing taxes on Small business owners (farmers, fishers, accountants, etc.)
• Implementing a Carbon Tax that will increase the cost of hydro and everything you buy
• Breaking the promise to have a balanced budget and instead projecting billions of dollars in increased deficits and debt

MP Shipley questions the ability of the Liberal Government to move their budget promises from paper to reality. “Personal taxes are going up. The deficit is nowhere close to what the Prime Minister had promised during his election campaign. If he can’t keep his projections within 200% of what he thought they’d be, how can Canadians trust him to deliver on his budget spending promises?”

As Official Opposition, along with his Conservative colleagues, MP Bev Shipley will continue to stand up for Canadian taxpayers and will hold the Liberal Government to account for their reckless spending and tax increases. “If I don’t stand up today and condemn the train wreck of skyrocketing deficits and national debt, how can I face my grandkids tomorrow when I have to tell them that their future will be overshadowed with paying for bad Liberal policies?”