April 2019 Newsletter

Trudeau Kicks Out Most Powerful Women in His Liberal Caucus
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who always talks about how well he treats women, just removed Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal Caucus because they spoke the truth. The message Liberals have sent is clear: if you tell the truth, there is no room for you in the Liberal Party of Canada. Elected officials are supposed to protect individuals who blow the whistle on government corruption and misconduct, not punish them. One thing I believe is that one should never reward corruption. Unfortunately PM Trudeau appears to have the opposite view.

Budget 2019
Simply put, Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau would spend $41 Billion in new spending. This is money he does not have. The budget plan is to sprinkle it over a vast number of venues to entice Canadian voters before an election on October 21, 2019.

Liberal Carbon Tax takes effect
April 1st Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax came into effect. Canadians are now paying more for gas, groceries, home heating and more. The Liberals’ Carbon Tax is not an environmental plan – it’s simply a tax plan. The hypocrisy of it is that the Prime Minister has given exemptions for Canada’s largest emitters. They will be able to pollute for free while families and small business owners get hit with the full force of the tax. Plain and simple, this is a cash grab. When a Conservative government is elected in the fall under the leadership of Andrew Scheer, we will scrap the carbon tax and have an effective environmental plan that will not punish you.

Canada-China Canola Trade Dispute
Earlier this week the Agriculture and Trade Committees met to discuss the Canada-China Canola trade disputes. Canola is one of Canada’s largest export commodities (over $2 Billion) to China. Richardson International Ltd. and Viterra had their export permits revoked in March due to hazardous organisms allegedly found in the Canola. Since then, a third company has had its permit revoked. It’s important to note that there is no scientific evidence of any kind by Chinese to reject Canadian Canola. Justin Trudeau must take steps for Canadian farmers, who ship 40 per cent of their canola exports to Chinese markets. Without a doubt, it is solely political posturing against Canada creating this serious situation, and the concern is what crop may be next.

Did you Know?
Canola Oil is the world’s ‘only made’ in Canada crop.
In Scotland, April Fools lasts for two days. The second day is known as “Taily Day” and pranks involving the backside are played. It is believed this is the origin of the “kick me” sign.