April 2018 Newsletter

Humboldt Broncos

April 6,2018 is a date many won’t soon forget as a bus accident involving the Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team claimed 16 lives. With the country in mourning, Canadians from coast-to-coast have showed their support in many ways including donations to a GoFundMe Page, wearing hockey jerseys as well as placing hockey sticks on front door steps and businesses. To the people and families connected to the horrific crash with loss of life and injury- we grieve with you across our nation.

Trans Mountain Expansion Project

This past Sunday, Prime Minister Trudeau met with Premier Notley and Premier Horgan to discuss the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Kinder Morgan suspended work on the project until it received word from the Federal and B.C. governments that it wouldn’t face further delays. This resulted in a loss of $80 billion with more than 110,000 energy workers losing their jobs. The Prime Minister’s carbon tax and new regulatory requirements in Bill C-69 have also driven out billions of dollars of investment. Now, because of his failed policies and obstruction, the only way for Trans Mountain to proceed he says, is to spend taxpayer dollars to subsidize it. The question is- why would we subsidize oil pipelines when all the proponents wanted is to have Liberal government stop putting barriers up. The Canadian Energy Sector is so important to all of Canada.

Budget Bill Debate

Canada started the new fiscal year on April 1st, 2018 with a trillion dollars of market debt (total debt the government pays interest on). In his first three years in power, Justin Trudeau will add $60 billion to the national debt, and Budget 2018 continues with increases of debt, despite promising during their election campaign to balance the budget by 2019. The Liberals just created a $7 billion ‘slush fund’. It is $7 Billion dollars allocated in Budget 2018 with no legal enforceability for the money to be used only for items approved by Parliament. That fund would let the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers move the money whichever way he wants. For more details, click the link below to view the video recently posted to my Facebook page.

Did you know?

  • Boston Marathon third-place finisher Krista DuChene of Brantford, ON is the second-fastest marathon runner in Canadian history.
  • Edmonton, Alberta hasn’t had an overnight temperature above zero since October 29th, 2017 (nearly six months ago)!