September 2018 Newsletter

IPM 2018!

The International Plowing Match (IPM) is coming to Lambton-Kent-Middlesex. Things are gearing up in Chatham-Kent as the IPM is set to open Tuesday, September 18 in Pain Court, Ontario. Thousands of country and urban people will come to learn more about the agriculture industry over the five days. I am pleased that this event is taking place in my Riding of LKM because it has so much to offer. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is the NUMBER ONE producer of tomatoes, seed corn and sugar beets in Ontario. We certainly have much to be proud of and there is a great opportunity for our young people to find their career in the Ag industry.


Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Ottawa Senators for Lucan Kraft Hockeyville!
There’s been nothing but excitement, non-stop work and planning since Lucan Biddulph was named winner of Kraft Hockeyville 2018 earlier this year. As winners of this amazing contest, they will receive $250,000 in upgrades for the Lucan Community Memorial Centre AND will host an NHL Pre-Season game! The sold-out game is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18 with the Leafs taking on the Senators. BUT tickets for the outdoor viewing party behind the arena the night of the game are on sale for $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Please call 519-227-4442 for more information. Many events are taking place this weekend, to gear up for the celebration: BBQ on Friday night, Irish Pub Night on Saturday, and Firemen’s Breakfast on Sunday morning. This is an example of a great community coming together and I congratulate everyone for their efforts with this event. I wish everyone a great time at the game!

Parliament to resume Fall Session

It’s been quite a summer and I’m pleased for Parliament to resume the fall session next week and try to hold Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to account on a number of issues that matter to residents of LKM. This summer the Trudeau Liberals once again targeted law-abiding gun owners, continued to allow 1,000s of illegal border crossers to enter our country and he’s intent on imposing a carbon tax on just about everything you buy.


NAFTA continues to be a huge concern for Canadians, with the Prime Minister still unable to reach a deal. It appears the Liberals have until the end of September to negotiate a NAFTA deal. We encourage and will work with the government to sign a deal that will be good for all Canadians. According to reports though, the Prime Minister claims he will not sign an agreement that doesn’t contain cultural exemptions and dispute settlement, but is willing to offer up to 10 per cent of the Canadian dairy market while significant issues around the auto industry are not resolved. Conservatives have negotiated dozens of trade deals without jeopardizing supply management, while protecting the auto industry. Canada has never been in such a weak negotiating position. Thousands of Canadian jobs and our overall economy is at risk.


  • Twenty percent of all vegetables grown in Ontario are grown in Chatham-Kent.
  • There are 218 fairs across Ontario in 2018 – seven of those in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex (Dresden, Brooke-Alvinston & Watford, Forest, Glencoe, Ilderton, Melbourne, and Parkhill).