Opposition Motion: Abandon Any Plans for Taxing Health and Dental Care Plans


A tax on health and dental benefits would be a $1000+ hit to low and middle income families – that is why our Conservative party put forward an Opposition Day motion calling on the government to “abandon any plans it may have to in any way tax health and dental care plans.” At the beginning of the week, the Prime Minister didn’t answer the question when asked about taxation of health and dental benefits. Then on Wednesday, he said he wasn’t planning to bring in that tax.

We would like to believe Justin Trudeau when he says he won’t tax health and dental benefits, but we’ve seen time and time again that Prime Minister Trudeau can’t be trusted to keep his word. He promised electoral reform; he broke that promise. He promised a modest deficit of $10 Billion; he broke that promise with a deficit of $30 Billion and climbing. He promised to cut Small Business tax; and he broke that promise. If he really means what he says this time, then the Prime Minister should not have any difficulty supporting our motion…