Canada Summer Jobs Program – Petition for the Rights of All Applicants

Prime Minister Trudeau is requiring that people agree with his Liberal ideology in order to get funding through the Canadian Summer Jobs Program. He has been asked by leaders of all faith groups, concerned employers and many Canadians to remove the ideological attestation, which he has so far refused to do.

If you agree that Justin Trudeau is wrong in making employers sign the Liberal Government’s new attestation to be eligible for the taxpayer funded program, sign this petition: e-1484

You can also pick up a hard copy version of the petition from my office or download/print it HERE.

Return any paper petitions to my Ottawa office, and I will present them in the House of Commons. A minimum of 25 signatures are needed to make the petition official. If you are not able to get 25 signatures, send it in anyway – I will add all the ones I receive together so everyone counts.

If you have any questions on the Canada Summer Jobs attestation, do not hesitate to contact me.